Sending email from the Action screen

Sending email from the Action screen

One of the most common things to do when working with a HelpMaster job is to send an email as part of an update to the job. This email may be addressed to the primary client of the job (or others), another staff member, or other email addresses.


  1. Open the job
  2. Open the Add new Action screen by clicking on the Add new action button
  3. Fill in the new Action details
  4. Click on the Email this action to… checkbox of the Action screen.
  5. Click on the drop down box and select an email template OR,click on Compose. This will open the Mail Editor where you can Compose your email
  6. Click on OK.

Use Email Templates for speed and consistency

HelpMaster makes this very easy by the use of Email Templates.

The basic process for sending an email to a client is:

  1. Add a new Action to the job
  2. Type the contents of your email into the Action details section of the Action screen
  3. Choose to “Email the action” to the Primary Client, using a specially created Email Template

By doing this, not only will the email be sent, but HelpMaster will record it as an Action Log entry.


  1. Start by creating a new Email Template called “Client : Email Action details” or similar as shown below. For detailed information about creating Email Templates, see Creating Email Templates

This email template contains a number of Email Tags that will be replaced with data from the Action and Job when the email is sent.

  • Use the <<Job_JobNumber>> tag in the Subject line of the email. When the email is sent, this tag will be replaced with the job number. This will be a useful reference for all concerned when the email is send, received and replied to.
  • The <<Action_Detail>> tag will be replaced with whatever was typed in the details section of the Action screen.
  • The <<Action_ActionedBy>> tag will be replaced with the staff member who is logged on to HelpMaster and creating the action
  1. When you add an Action to a job, you can type the details of the email into the Action details section. Write it like you would compose an email.

  2. Check the “Primary client” checkbox in the “Email this action to…” section of the Action screen and select the Email Template that you created in step 1 above.

When the Action is applied, an email will be sent to the Primary Client and an Action log entry will be created.

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