Auto-generate Client ID

Auto-generate Client ID

The HelpMaster Web Portal has the ability to allow clients to register themselves if they have not previously logged on. This is only possible if the Allow Client Self-Registration settings has been enabled on the Settings tab . When a client registers with the HelpMaster Web Portal, they provide their first name, last name and other details, however they do not have the ability to choose their Client ID as this is automatically generated based on the settings configured by the system administrator. Once their unique Client ID has been generated for them, they can use this to login to the HelpMaster Web Portal.


In order to automatically create a valid client ID for your registering clients, you must set the Auto-Generate Client ID settings from the HelpMaster Desktop edition here Auto-Generate Client ID.

Set the client ID auto-generation settings as follows:

  1. From the HelpMaster Desktop go to Administration (menu bar) > System Administration (icon) > Client options (nav bar) > Client ID (section).
  2. Select the method of auto-generation required which can be previewed under the Examples heading.
  3. Click the Apply button to save the changes.

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