Client Options

The Client Options tab is used to configure system-wide settings for the Client entity.

Auto Generate ClientID

Client required fields

Check the relevant options here to enforce a mandatory value for each of the client fields selected here. These mandatory fields will be required system-wide when creating or updating a client.

Client ID

The client ID is a mandatory field when creating new clients. The client ID can manually specified, or you can let HelpMaster automatically generate one for you.

HelpMaster has the ability to automatically generate client IDs in a number of different formats and options as follows:

Prefix: Type a prefix in the text box that will be added at the beginning of whatever client ID algorithm you choose below - including the stored procedure option.

Suffix: Type a suffix in the text box that will be added at the end of whatever client ID algorithm you choose below - including the stored procedure option.

Alphanumeric / Name based: These are client IDs that are generated from the firstname/lastname combination. Choose from the drop-down box the style you wish to use and then specify the maximum length for each part of the name. When the number specified is greater than that of the name, the full name will be used. Use the Name separator option to customize the format even further.

Numeric: Select this option if you wish to use numbers as client IDs instead of characters. Choose from the drop-down box the style you wish to use. HelpMaster will generate a unique random number based on the number of digits you select.

Custom generation using the database stored procedure stpGenerateClientID: The ultimate in flexibility. If you use this option, the Client ID will be generated based on the results returned from the database stored procedure called “stpGenerateClientID”. This stored procedure can be customized by a knowledgeable SQL Server database developer to produce the exact Client ID generation that your business requires.

Note! This stored procedure has 2 input parameters that should not be changed, or removed. These parameters are @FirstName and @LastName. HelpMaster will automatically pass these values to this stored procedure (even if they have not been filled in) and then whatever SQL logic is used within this stored procedure will return the generated Client ID.

Uniqueness. Client IDs must be unique before a new client can be saved. It is a good practice to try and develop your custom SQL to generate uniqueness, however if it does not, HelpMaster will make it unique - see below.

None: Select this option if you wish to manually create client IDs.

Lock Client ID field so Staff members can not change it: Use this option to prevent any changes to the Client ID once it has been generated and saved.

Client IDs must be unique

When HelpMaster automatically generates a client ID based on the options that have been selected, if such a client ID already exists, an incrementing number will be appended to the client ID until it becomes unique. For example. Say you already have a Joe Smith in your database. His client ID is SMITHJ. When HelpMaster automatically creates a new client ID, it will first try SMITHJ, however because it is already in use, HelpMaster will try SMITHJ1, SMITHJ2 and so on until a unique client ID is found.

Note : The HelpMaster Web Portal also uses the same Auto Generate Client ID settings here when new clients register themselves via the Web Portal and when staff users create new clients from the web portal.

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