Validating a control set

Validating a control set

Sometimes as part of a workflow you may want to ensure that a particular field in a control set has been either filled in, or set to an appropriate value.  To do this you can use a Control-set Validator workflow object.

workflow control set validation

Silent workflow object This workflow object runs silently, meaning it has no user interaction.  Silent workflow object are displayed with this icon.


Add a Control-set Validator workflow object to the workflow designer.

Select the appropriate Control Set that is/will be linked to the job that contains the workflow.  Once selected, the “Control” drop-down will populate with all of the controls that are part of that control set.  Select the control that you wish to validate.  Next select the validation options from the “Validation” group.

Is Required:  If checked, this will prompt the user to provide a value for the given control if it has not already been set.

Regular Expression:  This option is only available for text-fields.  Choose an appripriate regular expression from the Regular Expression Library to validate the text against.

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