Viewing an existing job - Clients

Viewing your personal jobs as an end user or Client

Viewing existing jobs - Clients

Once logged on, clients are able to click on the View my jobs menu to view a list of all current jobs they have logged

The following job states are highlighted in the coloured tag:

Job States

  • New Job (New)
  • Last updated by me (Me)
  • Last updated by another staff member (Other)
  • Last updated by Automation (Automation)
  • Awaiting client response (Awaiting)
  • Client has responded (Client)

To view an individual job, click on the job row or enter the job number from the Job# search field in the title bar which is available from all web pages.

View Job

Open Jobs: All of your current open jobs will be displayed here when clicked.

Closed Jobs: Your completed closed jobs will be shown when clicking here.

Approvals: Any outstanding approval requests that you need to action will be listed here when clicked.

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