Message Box

Message Box

A workflow message box is simply a message that is displayed to the user.   Use a message box to present a simple message to the current user.  Message boxes can be used effectively in a workflow to provide on-going guidance and reminders abut the stages of the workflow.  Once they are displayed, clicking the OK button will close the message and progress the workflow onto the next workflow object.

workflow messagebox

message box for workflow


Select the Message box workflow item from the workflow toolbox and add it to the workflow designer. 

workflow message box

Message Title:  This is the title that appears on the workflow canvas.  It is used to identify this workflow object.  This will also appear in the message box title bar

Image:  Choose an appropriate icon to display in the message box

Main Message:  This is the body of the message that will be presented to the user.  This text can contain workflow variables  

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