Client overview

A client represents a person - not a company, or a site. For companies, buildings and organizational structures, see Sites

In the HelpMaster environment, clients are the people that use your helpdesk/service desk/business as a service. They are the people that require or supply the support.

Icons used throughout HelpMaster

Icon Object
Client / Staff member

Relationship with other HelpMaster entities

  • Clients can be linked one or more Sites

  • Assets can be linked to clients

  • Clients can be linked to jobs, either as a primary client, or a regular client

  • When viewing any entity, click on the Links tab to view the relationships and linkages between each entity.

About clients

Each client has a Client ID which is a short identification for that client that is used in the logging, retrieving,reporting and actioning of helpdesk jobs. Every client ID in HelpMaster must be unique, that is, clients cannot share client IDs. Client IDs may be manually entered, or automatically generated by HelpMaster. As one of the major HelpMaster entities, clients can be linked to a single site, multiple assets or multiple jobs.

HelpMaster has been designed to store a lot of detailed information about clients. Some of the information that can be recorded include :

  • Contact - Business details. Name, company, addresses, phone numbers etc.
  • Personal - Birthday, spouse, hobbies etc.
  • Employment - Workplace details, job title, supervisor, contract details etc.
  • Links - The site, assets and jobs attached to this person
  • Permissions - For clients who are Staff
  • Notes - Any extra details which are required
  • Custom fields (deprecated) - Include any of your user defined fields
  • Control Sets - Build custom forms to capture and store information

Many of the fields that contain information about clients can be extended, added or modified via the System Codes administration screen.

Clients who are Staff

Each HelpMaster client has the ability to be marked as a HelpMaster staff member. This is achieved through the “Permissions” tab on the client details screen. A staff member account is used for a person that owns a job queue. A staff member may also be called an “Agent”, or “Licensedqueue holder”. To create a staff member, see Creating a staff member

Further, a staff member …

  • is associated with a particular Skill Group and has a Logon and Password so that they can use HelpMaster.
  • is able to log, view, update and action HelpMaster jobs
  • has a “Job Queue”. This is a display of all the current jobs that have been assigned to them for action

Once a client has been marked as a staff member, they need to be linked to at least one skillgroup, and be linked to job and application roles. This is done via the Staff Manager screen.

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