Service Requests

Service and Maintenance scheduling for Assets

In HelpMaster, an asset can be a piece of equipment, inventory or other tangible item.  Sooner or later all equipment, or assets, require maintenance. This is where the HelpMaster Service Request is useful. Each ‘Asset Details’ screen contains a ‘Service/Helpdesk History’ tab where details about the service and helpdesk history are recorded for that asset.

A service request is the process of booking an asset in for needed maintenance.  This is different to the process of logging a helpdesk request for a client.

The lifecycle of an asset service request is represented by the following diagram 


A service request requires the following information:

  • When the asset is scheduled for service
  • When the asset is due back from service
  • What type of service is to be performed
  • Who performed the service
  • How much it cost
  • Other service-related details you may wish to track

The Service Details screen is accessed via the “Service/helpdesk history” tab on the main Asset Detail screen.


On the Asset Details screen, select the  “Service History” tab.

This will display a list of the service history for the asset.  Double-clicking a service request will display the service detail screen.

Enter a date for the next requested service in Next service due, using either the date text box or the calendar control.  This provides a visual cue only.

Checking out an asset for service 

Click the Check out for service button to display the service detail screen.

Fill in the appropriate details and click OK.  Note that the caption for the Check in for service button changes to read Check back from service / View current service details.  A red label also appears above this button to provide a visual cue that the asset is currently checked out for a service.

Checking an asset back in from service

Once the service has been completed, it needs to be checked back in from service.  Do this by clicking Check back from service / View current service details.  This will display the service details screen.

Fill in the appropriate service details and click Check back in from service.  The service job will now appear in the maintenance details list, and the service option will read Check out for service ready for the next service request.

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