Viewing Knowledge Base Articles on the Web Portal

Viewing Knowledge Base Articles on the Web Portal

Searching for knowledge base articles

Click Knowledge Base on the navigation menu and this will display the main knowledge base article search page (shown below). A search can also be run from the Home page by entering search text into the Knowledge base text box followed by clicking the Search button.

knowledge base home

Enter in any relevant criteria for the search.  Click the search icon (magnifying glass) or just Enter.  Clicking the Browse All tab, or leaving the search field blank will return a list of all knowledge base articles.  From the results list, select the article that you wish to view.

KB Search Results

After performing a search, a quick search criteria rating will pop-up highlighted in yellow (see below). Click the tick (yes) or cross (no) to indicate relevancy. This will feed back to the HelpMaster system and give the administrator relevancy information for fine tuning of search terms.

Viewing knowledge base articles

The knowledge base article has two tabs, General and Attachments.  The general tab is the main article view which includes header information, article rating, See also links to other articles, and the body of the article. Any attachments may be viewed or downloaded from the attachments tab.

knowledge base article

Rating knowledge base articles

Knowledge Base articles can be rated and commented on by anyone viewing the article.  Click the Rate this article button to display the feedback screen.

knowledge base feedback and rating

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