Information grids

Information grids display all HelpMaster entity fields

The information grids in HelpMaster can be resized, sorted, re-ordered and filtered according to your preferences.  Once you have set the forms to display as you prefer they will remember their new positions until you reset them.


Every column within a display grid can be re-sized to suit personal preference.  Simply position the mouse pointer over the RHS column line in the header row of the grid.  The mouse pointer will change, hold down the left-mouse button and drag the column to the required size.  These settings are remembered next time the screen is opened.


For most screens in HelpMaster, the title bar across the top of a list box may be clicked on to sort the information in the list box. When a field name is clicked on, it will flash a different color to indicate that it has been clicked on, and the list will be re-sorted by that field in ascending order. Clicking on the same field again will toggle the sorting between ascending and descending order.


By selecting the heading of each field and dragging it, you can rearrange the order of any fields.


This will filter the browse results so that only records you want will be displayed.

  1. Enter the search words in the textbox above the list of information
  2. Click on the icon of the magnifying glass to perform the search
  3. Click on the red cross to clear the search

Search Filter

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