Adding Actions-to-do

Adding Actions-to-do

Each job has the ability to store a list of “Actions to do”. Think of “Actions to do” as tasks that are added to a job that should be completed before the job is closed. This is an important part of achieving a consistent workflow, or simply a reminder of what needs to be done. Each “Action to do” is simply an Action template.

An example

Consider the case when a new employee starts with a company from an IT helpdesk perspective. They need a computer set up for them, a logon password, and perhaps some training. Rather than log each one of these things as a separate job, the helpdesk may log just a single job and then add each of these actions as an “Action to do”. Using the order buttons (up and down), the person logging the job can specify the order in which these actions should be performed.

Once an action has been completed, it is removed from the “Actions to do” list and become an entry in the Action Log.


From the JobExplorer or the Job Finder,

  1. Open the job
  2. Click on the Links tab. This will populate the screen with the details of any links attached to the job.
  3. Select the Actions to do option
  4. Click on the Add button. This will open the Actions template screen
  5. Use the Action templates search facility to find the action you wish to apply
  6. Select the action
  7. Click on Select
  8. Click on OK

The action to do is now applied to the job and can be removed, viewed or marked as completed from the same screen.

Note: An action to do may be removed. When an Action to do is completed it may be marked as completed in the Actions to do area of the Job Details screen.

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