Billing Overview

General concepts and use

Billing refers to the ability of HelpMaster to track time and money as it relates to actions, jobs, clients and sites. If you charge your clients for the services you provide, the HelpMaster billing features will allow you to configure a flexible way to automatically calculate time, costs, and invoicing.

Icons used throughout HelpMaster

Billing Manager Icon

The Billing Manager is used to display and manage all of the billing and invoicing throughout HelpMaster. It allows to you quickly view Job, Client and Site billing and invoice information.

Billing Template Icon

Billing Templates allow you to define different billing profiles that can be used whenever a chargeable (billable) action is performed on a job.

Invoice Icon

An invoice is a collection of billable items. HelpMaster will help you track which invoices have been paid.

Job Icon

Jobs are logged for clients / sites. When Billable actions are added to a job, the Billing tab on the job screen will display all of the details and totals for that job/client/site.

Job Action Icon

Actions are performed on jobs and can be marked as Is billable. When an action is billable a Billing Template may be selected and/or, the Cost code, Billing time, Additional Costs items can be entered to create the financial details of the action.

General concepts

Billing templates are used to quickly calculate expense based on time, or a set service rate.

All financial data is recorded against actions that are linked to jobs.

  • When an Action has billing information the checkbox Is billable should be checked - The actual time an action takes, may be different from the billing time.

The job screen has a Billing tab that displays all of the actions

  • This billing tab can be used to group together Is billable actions and create an Invoice
  • A job can be associated with multiple invoices

The Billing Manager screen is used by financial personnel to quickly view any jobs, actions, client and sites that are associated with billing information.

The Client screen > Billing tab displays all of the jobs for that client that contain Is billable actions.

The Site screen > Billing tab displays all of the jobs for that Site that contain Is billable actions.

Billing and invoicing lifecycle

The following diagram describes the billing lifecycle within HelpMaster.

Billing Lifecycle

Actions are added to jobs. Actions can be marked as Is Billable

Billing templates are used to calculate cost based on the action time.

One or more billable actions can be grouped together into an Invoice. A Job can have more than one invoice.

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