Standard reports

Standard reports are provided via the Crystal Reports engine

Note! In order to run report, you will first need to have the Crystal Reports runtime engine installed on your computer.

All of the standard HelpMaster reports are accessed through the Report Selection screen.  Use the Reports menu to access the reports.


Running a report involves the following steps.

  1. Selecting a report category from the “Report Category” list
  2. Selecting a specific report from the “Available reports” list
  3. Read the description of the report
  4. Select an appropriate filter for the report.  This is provided by either the Job Finder for job reports, or the appropriate entity screen for other types of report.  Remember, when you use the Job Finder for the filter, you can also select one of your Saved Searches that will act as the report filter.
  5. Viewing the report by clicking the “Run report” button

Once a report has been displayed, it can be exported to a number of different file formats.  Click on the icon of the envelope for exporting options.


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