Excel Reporting

Use Microsoft Excel to view HelpMaster data


For quick and easy access to your HelpMaster data, it is possible to point an Excel spreadsheet directly at your HelpMaster SQL Server database.

  1. Create a new Excel spreadsheet

  2. Use the Data menu and select Get Data > From Database > From SQL Server Database option.

  3. Type the name of the SQL Server that is hosting your HelpMaster database and the name of your HelpMaster database in the appropriate text boxes. If unsure, check with your database administration, or view the database connection properties in the System Administration tab.

Excel connection to SQL Server

  1. Type or paste your SQL/Query into the SQL Statement box and click OK

Excel connection to SQL Server

  1. Click Load to view your data in a spreadsheet format

Excel connection to SQL Server

The data displayed here is read-only - the data in HelpMaster will not be affected by any changes you make in the spreadsheet. This means that you can chop-out data, sort, filter etc.

Create charts, pivot tables, and anything else that Excel offers.

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