Reset options

Reset various system settings back to default values

Reset column widths

Information grids, splitter bars, screen sizes and positions etc… can be set according to your preferences in HelpMaster.  Once you have set any of these display options they will remember their positions and sizes until you reset them. Reset options can be accessed from HM menu > Reset Options.

  1. Close down all the screens that you wish to reset,
  2. Click the HM menu toolbar followed by Reset Options,
  3. From the Reset field chooser columns section click the Reset button.

All entity fields and column widths have now been reset to their default selections and sizes.

Keep any screens you don’t want  reset to default settings open while resetting other forms to their defaults.

Reset form position

HelpMaster screens will always retain their last size and position information. This includes the positions of any splitter bars set by the user.  The user can therefore reset the screen to its original arrangement. The resetting of a screen involves the resetting of all screen and takes place upon the re-opening of HelpMaster.

To Reset Screens

  1. Ensure that all screens you wish to be reset are closed
  2. Click HM on the ribbon toolbar and select Reset Options
  3. From the Reset screen positions section click the Reset button.

All closed screens will be returned to their default state, size, and positions.

Keep open any screens that you don’t want reset to their default settings. Only closed screens will be reset to their defaults.

Reset DSMA screens

Throughout HelpMaster, a number of DSMA (Don’t show me again) screens are used to provide informative feedback about a particular feature, or event.  They are used to help users become familiar with HelpMaster. By definition, these screens can be “turned off”, so that they will not be shown again. These can be reset so that they all re-apear.

To Reset DSMA (Don’t show me again) Screens

  1. Click HM on the ribbon toolbar and select Reset Options
  2. From the Reset all (Don’t show me again) Screens section click the Reset button.

This may be helpful in a training situation for a new user, or when a user would like a quick refresher on some of the workings of HelpMaster.

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