Variable - Set value from Script

Variables can be set from a value returned from an SQL or PowerShell script

workflow set variable from script

Silent workflow object This workflow object runs silently, meaning it has no user interaction.


workflow set variable from database script

Script Title: This text will appear on the workflow canvas.

Script Type: Select SQL or Power Shell for the script type.

Description: Optional. This is meta-data only. Provide a description of this workflow step. This text will appear in the workflow panel when this workflow is the current workflow item.

Set results into this variable: Select a variable to store the result of the script. Choose a variable type that is appropriate to the expected result data type.

+: Create a new variable to store the returned value. See Creating Variables.

Script: Enter or paste the script that will return the value.

Format date variable as: Select UTC time or Local time for date variables used.

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