Working with workflow

Working with workflow

When a job has workflow defined for it, the "Workflow" tab will appear, and the side workflow panel will automatically be displayed.

workflow panel


The worfklow panel will always show the the current workflow step that will be completed next.  Depending on what type of workflow object is the current item, you will be presented with different options to execute the workflow step.




Press and hold the mouse wheel-button to scroll the workflow within the designer.

Use the Zoom drop-down box to set a zoom factor.  This may be helpful when working with larger workflows.

Workflow execution

By default, each workflow object within HelpMaster will run automatically unless it is prevented via a workflow break, or an object that requires user-interaction. eg. A message box / input box.

Skipping workflow steps

At anytime in the workflow timeline, you can skip ahead, or back to any workflow item.  Simply right-click on the workflow item that you wish to execute next, and select "Set as current workflow item"

Changing the entire workflow process

At anytime within the lifecycle of a job, the workflow process can be deleted, edited, or replaced with a completely different workflow.


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