HelpMaster Web API

A HelpMaster Web API key allows programmatic access to the WebAPI

The HelpMaster WebAPI provides a developer interface to database and key HelpMaster functions. It can be used to integrate HelpMaster with other systems and processes.

In order to use the HelpMaster WebAPI, a “key” needs to be created first. Once a key has been created, it is used in the authentication process when connecting to and using the HelpMaster WebAPI. For details on this, see HelpMaster WebAPI Overview.

Desktop Edition > Administration menu > System Administration toolbar button > System Integration section > HelpMaster Web API tab

HelpMaster WebAPI key


Name: A general name for the key. Can be anything - usually a descriptive name that indicates its purpose.

Expiry Date: Optional. If a date is provided, the key will stop working at that time. If this is left blank, the key will work indefinitely

Suspend: If checked, the key will be suspended and not work. Useful for quickly and temporarily revoking access

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