HelpMaster Web API

A HelpMaster Web API key allows programmatic access to the WebAPI

The HelpMaster WebAPI provides a developer interface to database and key HelpMaster functions. It can be used to integrate HelpMaster with other systems and processes.

In order to use the HelpMaster WebAPI, a “key” needs to be created first. Once a key has been created, it is used in the authentication process when connecting to and using the HelpMaster WebAPI. For details on this, see HelpMaster WebAPI Overview.

Desktop Edition > Administration menu > System Administration toolbar button > System Integration section > HelpMaster Web API tab

HelpMaster WebAPI key


Name: A general name for the key. Can be anything - usually a descriptive name that indicates its purpose.

Expiry Date: Optional. If a date is provided, the key will stop working at that time. If this is left blank, the key will work indefinitely.

Generated JWT Token Expiry. Required. Default expiry is 24 hours which is recommended. The other option is “Never Expires”. This expiry refers to the Bearer token that is generated by the User API endpoint using this API key.

Suspend: If checked, the key will be suspended and not work. Useful for quickly and temporarily suspending/revoking the ability to create a bearer token via the User API endpoint.

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