OnCreate Workflow

Automatically run workflow as soon as a job is logged

The “OnCreate” workflow designer is used to create workflow that will automatically be executed as soon as a job is logged from any module within HelpMaster (Desktop, Web Portal, Email Manager etc.) This powerful feature allows a high level of automation to occur when a job is logged, and can be used to implement business processes and orchestration into each job and request type.

The OnCreate workflow designer appears on Job Templates and will display as read-only on jobs where it has already been run. Workflow Templates do not support the “OnCreate” workflow designer at this stage.

On Create workflow

Workflow Sequence

If the Job Template that is used to create a job contains any workflow in the OnCreate workflow designer, this will be automatically executed in its entirety by the HelpMaster System account immediately after the job has been logged according to the definition of the template that was used to log it. Once the OnCreate workflow has completed, the regular user workflow will be available for staff members to use as usual.

The following diagram displays the sequence of workflow execution.

Workflow sequence

Non-user interactive workflow objects only

Due to the fact that any workflow in the OnCreate event will automatically fire when the job is logged, the OnCreate workflow designer can only contain workflow objects that do not require any user input or interaction. This means that workflow objects like a message-box, or user decision, or prompt is not allowed. This allows the workflow to be executed “server-side”, or silently and execute in its entirety.

The OnCreate workflow will be run from all modules within HelpMaster - the desktop edition, the web portal, Email Manager, Triggered Events, Priority Manager etc.

Local vs Public variables

When designing OnCreate workflow, it is often advantageous to use and store information in a workflow variable that can also be used in the main user workflow after the OnCreate workflow has completed. In order for a variable to be used across all workflow designers, a variable needs to be configured as a “Public” variable. See Workflow variables.

User context

Whenever the OnCreate workflow is executed, each workflow object will be run under the context of “HelpMaster System”. This is a special user account that will be used for this purpose, and will appear in the workflow history, Action Log history and other event logs for workflow sequences that are run in OnCreate.

HelpMaster System Account

Workflow history

Check the workflow history to see how each workflow step was executed, and any messages/variables that were set.

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