Web Portal Job Viewing Privileges

Viewing and updating jobs via the web portal may be restricted for client/staff users

By default, all jobs and their associated actions (ie. the action log for that job) are available for the client to view via the HelpMaster Web Portal. However, it is possible to restrict the client from viewing the entire job, or selected action log entries.

Restricted viewing of Actions in the Action Log

A common function for staff working with the HelpMaster Desktop edition is to add an action to a job. By default, these actions will always appear in the action log of a job, both in the Desktop and the Web Portal editions.

Sometimes these actions may contain sensitive information that the staff member, or the company as a whole may not wish clients using the Web Portal to view. On such occasions, the staff member should mark the added action as a Private Action. This means that when the client using the Web Portal views the job containing the private action, this particular action (and it’s attachments) will either not be visible or the details (and it’s attachments) will be hidden depending upon the setting Client Web - hide private actions rather than show a private action placeholder.

Restrict viewing of an entire Job

If you want to prevent a client from viewing an entire job and thus all of the associated actions within that job, ensure that the Private (Staff viewing only) checkbox is checked (ticked) from the Properties tab of the job. When enabled this job will never be displayed to ANY clients (non-staff) via the Web Portal except for linked staff users.

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