Viewing another persons job queue

Viewing another persons job queue

The Explorer screen allows you to view the job queues of other staff members, provided that you have sufficient security privilege to do so.**


  1. Open the Explorer screen
  2. Select Other People from the slider control on the left
  3. Select the Staff member whose Job Queue you wish to view.
  4. Open their Explorer tree by clicking on the little + beside their name.
  5. Select Open Jobs in the tree. This will display all the open jobs for that staff member in the Display panel.

Filtering the number of staff that appear in the "Other People" tab

It is possible to filter the number of staff members that appear in the "Other People" tab. This may be particularly helpful if there are a lot of staff, or you are only interested in viewing a certain group of staff job queues. For further information about this, refer to the Customizing Explorer section

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