Theme Builder

Build your own colour themes

HelpMaster allows individual users to select a colour theme to suit their personal preference.  A theme will adjust the colours and shading of all on-screen objects, including menus, buttons, lables, frames and more.

The Theme Builder is an application that ships with HelpMaster that allows you to modify existing themes, or create new themes.

The Theme Builder can be accessed via the button on the User menu, or via the User menu > User Preferences screen.

theme builder

About Theme Files

HelpMaster theme files are simple XML files that contain theme information.  They can be stored in 2 locations

  1. Local directory.  C:\ProgramData\PRD Software\HelpMaster\Themes
  2. Network directory.  As configured in your Working Folders

HelpMaster will load theme files from both locations and display them in the User Preference screen.  Themes that are loaded from the network directory will have an asterisk * next to them.

theme selection

Theme files can be modified by the Theme Builder.

Using the Theme Builder

  1. Load an existing HelpMaster theme, or create a new theme
  2. The Theme builder displays a sample user interface that maps to all of the main control types found within HelpMaster
  3. Click on each element to adjust its style and colour
  4. Use the Information tab to give the theme a name and description
  5. Save the theme either into the local default location, or the network themes folder (if you want others to use it)

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