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Google External Authentication Configuration for Helpmaster v23 and above

Google account authentication (OAuth 2.0) can be enabled for logging into the HelpMaster web portal. Before you can use Google account authentication, you must first configure your Google Cloud Platform (developer admin) and Google Workspace account settings. HelpMaster utilizes personal OAuth 2.0 account access via an application project. A Google App Project, Consent Screen, and Client ID / Secret need to be created along with granting access to the Gmail API.

Previous Gmail account access

If you have already created a Google Service Account or granted personal Gmail account access via the Gmail API, then you may utilize your existing Google Project and Consent Screen / Application. In this case you can skip steps 1 and 2 below and start at step 3 within your existing Google project.

Step 1 - Create a New Project Resource

  1. Navigate to the Google Cloud Platform > Manage Resources > Manage resources screen
  2. Select the + Create Project option, enter a Project name (e.g. HelpMaster Web Login), select a Location, and click the Create button
    Create Google Project
  3. Select your new project from the pop-up window.
  1. Navigate to the Google Cloud Platform > APIs & Services > OAuth consent screen screen
  2. Select your HelpMaster Web Login project created above
  3. Select the OAuth consent screen from the navigation pane. Choose the User Type - Internal, followed by clicking the Create button
    Create Google Consent
  4. Enter the consent screen details inc. App information, App domain, and Developer contact information. Click the SAVE AND CONTINUE button
  5. This will take you to the Scopes screen which does not apply to User Type - Internal, click the SAVE AND CONTINUE button
  6. A summary of your new OAuth consent screen will now be presented. Check the details and EDIT if necessary or click Back to dashboard

Step 3 - Create an OAuth 2.0 Client ID and Secret

  1. Navigate to the Google Cloud Platform > APIs & Services > Credentials screen
  2. Select your HelpMaster Web Login project created in step 1
  3. Click the + CREATE CREDENTIALS button and select the OAuth client ID option
    Create Google Client
  4. From the Application type field choose Web application and enter a descriptive Name e.g. “HelpMaster Web”
  5. Under Authorised redirect URIs click the + Add URI button. Enter your web portal public uri followed by /signin-google e.g. “"
  6. Click the Create button and leave this screen open for copying to HelpMaster in the next step
  7. You may also download the JSON file and save it to a secure location
    create client id secret

Step 4 - Add the OAuth 2.0 Client ID and Secret to HelpMaster

  1. Open the HelpMaster Desktop and navigate to Administration toolbar > System Administration icon > System Integration section > Google navbar > Google external authentication for the web portal section
  2. Paste Your Client ID from step 3 into the HelpMaster Application (client) ID field
  3. Paste Your Client Secret into the HelpMaster Client secret field
  4. Click OK to save the Google provider details to HelpMaster External Auth Client ID Secret

Revoking Google external login

  1. Login to the HelpMaster web portal
  2. From the My Account drop-down select Account settings followed by External logins
    Account Settings
  3. Click on the Remove button next to the Google registered login M365 Web Auth Remove

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