The ribbon tool bars

In order to navigate around the screens and functionality of HelpMaster a Ribbon style toolbar is provided.

The Ribbon toolbar interface

The ribbon toolbar interface provides an intuitive, visual interface to navigate around HelpMaster.  HelpMaster features and screens are arranged in a logical grouping throughout the ribbon toolbars.

HM Menu

Use the HM menu for basic user operations.

Jobs toolbar

The Jobs toolbar contains all of the common features used for creating, updating, finding and working with Jobs. 

Entities toolbar

The Entities toolbar provides access to the main entity types of HelpMaster.

Knowledge toolbar

The Knowledge toolbar gives access to all Knowledge Base features of HelpMaster.

Change toolbar

The Change toolbar shows all Change Request functionality.

Templates toolbar

The Templates toolbar provides access to the Job Templates, Action templates, Email Templates, Billing templates, Workflow Templates, Template Manager

Reports toolbar

The Reports toolbar provides access to the HelpMaster reports.

Automation toolbar

The Automation toolbar gives access to the server-based automation modules such as the Email Manager, Priority Manager, Active Directory, and Triggered Events

Web toolbar

The Web toolbar allows configuration of the Web Portal.

Administration toolbar

The Administration toolbar gives access to administrative based features and screens.  Access to this toolbar is subject to the logged on users’ security permissions and application security role.

Help toolbar

The Help toolbar provides access to help documentation, support functions, registration and other information about HelpMaster.