Template Manager

Template Manager

The Template Manager is a one-stop place to manage all of your HelpMaster templates.  The Template Manager allows you to create, modify and link Job Templates, Action Templates, and Email templates in an easy to use, drag ’n drop interface.  The Template Manager also allows HelpMaster system administrators to subscribe HelpMaster users to a set of templates.

The template manager allows a HelpMaster administration to perform the following tasks.

  1. Create, delete and edit Job, Action and Email Templates in a visual, drag ’n drop interface
  2. Visually filter templates for easy viewing of Email Manager, Priority Manager and Web-based templates
  3. Subscribe to templates
  4. “Push” template subscriptions to other staff members, or skillgroups

The Template Manager is accessed via the Templates menu


Creating new templates

  1.  Right-click on either Job Templates, Action Templates, or Email Templates and then select “New … template” from the context menu.  You can also click on the template type and then click the “New” button from the main toolbar.
  2. A blank template screen will appear for the template type that you selected.  Create the template as normal.

Linking Templates

A useful feature of the Template Manager is its ability to hierarchically display the relationships between each of the template types.  By expanding each template type, you can quickly see how the templates are linked together.  This makes it very easy for HelpMaster administrators to configure and understand the workflow that can be built into HelpMaster via the interrelations between the template types.

For a discussion on how the different entity template relate to each other, see Templates Overview.

Linking templates

Linking templates together is a simple task in the Template Manager.  There are 2 ways to do this.

  1. Drag ’n drop This is the simplest way to link entities.  Simply drag the template that you want to link over the top of its target and drop it.  Provided that the link is a legal matching, the 2 templates will be linked.

  2. Right-click and copy / paste / remove templates  Whenever you right-click on a template within the Template Manager, you will get a popup menu that will give you to various options for either copying, pasting or removing the template.  Using the method, it is possible to select multiple templates in a single step - eg.  Selecting 5 Action templates that you wish to copy to a Job Template.

Remember the natural linking order / hierarchy of templates.

  • Email templates link to Action Templates
  • Action templates link to Job templates
  • Job Templates link to Request Catalogs

Creating new Priority Manager Profiles, or new Email Manager profiles

  1. Right-click on either Priority Manager profiles, or Email Manager profiles and then select “New … Manager Profile” from the context menu.
  2. A blank profile will appear for the profile type that you selected. 
  3. Create the profile as normal.

The Toolbar

The Template Manager features a toolbar that allows easy use to many of its features.  Each toolbar button is described below.

View Horizontal / View Vertical

This button toggles the display view of the Template Manager.

Show subscribed toolbar button

This button toggles a visual indicator next to templates that the currently logged-in user has subscribed to.  When on, a “subscription” icon is displayed next to each template that has been subscribed to.

Show Web enabled toolbar button

This button toggles a visual indicator next to templates that are marked as “Web Enabled”.  When on, a “web enabled” icon is displayed next to each template that is web enabled.

Show Priority Manager toolbar button

This button toggles a visual indicator next to templates that are marked as “Priority Manager Enabled”.  When on, a “Priority Manager enabled” icon is displayed next to each template that is Priority Manager enabled.

Show Email Manager toolbar button

This button toggles a visual indicator next to templates that are marked as “Email Manager Enabled”.  When on, a “Email Manager enabled” icon is displayed next to each template that is Email Manager enabled.

View Entities drop-down menu / button

Use this button and associated drop-down menu items to view only the templates that correspond to the menu choice selected

View toolbar button

Use this button to view and edit the selected template.

Template Subscriptions

The Template Manager can also be used to subscribe to templates on a personal level, or be used by HelpMaster administrators to "push" out template subscriptions to multiple staff, or even skillgroups.   This is a handy feature for system administrators who wish to set up new staff, or simply unify the template subscriptions among several people, or skillgroups.

Personal subscriptions vs Skillgroup “pushed” subscriptions

The HelpMaster system administrator can “push” subscriptions to individual staff members, or to entire skillgroups.  When templates have been "pushed" to a skillgroup they will appear in the list of personal template subscriptions under the heading “Skillgroup pushed subscriptions” (see image below).  The staff member will not be able to remove this type of subscription - only the system administrator (or someone with security accessto the Template Manager) will be able to do this.

Pushing template subscriptions to a skillgroup is a easy way to ensure that groups of people have access to the templates that they need to do their job.  It provides consistency as well as ensuring that when new staff members join a skillgroup, they automatically inherit the templates that have been pushed to that skillgroup.

Managing Template Subscriptions

  1. Open the Template Manager screen

  2. Select the Subscriptions tab

  3. From the Entity Type drop-down box, select the type of template you wish to subscribe to

  4. From the Staff/Skillgroup drop-down box, select the staff or skillgroup that you want to subscribe template to

  5. From the Templates listbox on the left, select all of the template that you wish to subscribe to and click add.

  6. Click Apply

  7. If a Skillgroup is selected in the Staff/Skillgroup drop-down box, all of the subscribed templates will be “pushed” to each member of the selected skillgroup.  Furthermore, each time a new staff member is assigned to that skillgroup, they will automatically inherit the subscriptions for that skillgroup. 

[Note :]{.note} Personal template subscriptions can also be set using the “User Preference > Subscriptions” menu selection.  This screen / method is only used to configure the settings of the staff member who is currently logged into HelpMaster.  If you wish to administer many staff, or entire skillgroups, you will need to use the Template Manager. 

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