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Google G Suite Email Integration

Google integration can be used for sending and receiving email, maps integration and more. Before you can use a Google email account for sending email from HelpMaster, you must first configure your Google Cloud Platform (developer admin) and G Suite account settings. There are two methods for granting access via Gmail, a global Service Account for configuring Global Email Accounts in HelpMaster and personal OAuth 2.0 account access to an application. In both cases a Google app Project, Consent Screen, and security Keys first need to be created along with granting access to the Gmail API.

Step 1 - Create and configure your Google Service Account

  1. Open the Service accounts page
  2. Click CREATE PROJECT and enter a Project name (HelpMaster), select your Organisation, browse to your parent Location, and click Create
  3. Click + Create service account
  4. Under Service account details, type a name, ID, and description for the service account, then click Create service account
  5. Optional: Under Service account permissions, select the IAM roles to grant to the service account, then click Continue
  6. Optional: Under Grant users access to this service account, add the users or groups that are allowed to use and manage the service account
  7. Click Done to complete the creation of the service account.
  1. Click Service Accounts from the navigation bar again and click on your new service account to Manage details of it
  2. From the Details tab select SHOW DOMAIN-WIDE DELEGATION this will reveal the option Enable G Suite domain-wide delegation
  3. Check the option Enable G Suite domain-wide delegation which will reveal the CONFIGURE CONSENT SCREEN
  4. Enter a Product name for the consent screen and click the Save button domain-wide delegation

Step 3 - Create a security Key to your new Google Service Account

  1. Select the Keys tab followed by ADD KEY > Create new key
  2. Select the JSON key type followed by Create create key

Step 4 - Grant your new Google Service Account permissions to access email

  1. From your G Suite domain’s Admin console, go to Main menu > Security > API Controls
  2. Scroll to the bottom and in the Domain wide delegation pane, select Manage Domain Wide Delegation. Click Add new
  3. In the Client ID field, enter the service account’s Client ID. You can find your service account’s Client ID on the Service accounts page by clicking View Client ID. It is a 21 digit number
  4. In the OAuth scopes (comma-delimited) field, enter
  5. Click Authorize. gmail authorisation

Step 5 - Add your new Google Service Account details to HelpMaster

  1. Navigate to Administration > System Administration > System Integration
  2. Go to the Google API tab and click the Browse to JSON key file…
  3. Navigate to, and open the JSON key file that was created in step 3 above
  4. Click the Apply button to save the Google service account access details in HelpMaster create key

Once this step has been completed successfully, create or edit a HelpMaster Global email account that uses this Google API connection. See Global Email Accounts

Granting HelpMaster personal Gmail account access

After creating a Google service account, consent screen app, and granting domain wide delegation, adding personal Gmail account access can be completed as follows…

Step 1 - Create an OAuth 2.0 Client ID and Secret

  1. Navigate to the Google Cloud Platform > APIs & Services > Credentials screen
  2. Select your HelpMaster project created during the Google service account creation procedure
  3. Click the + CREATE CREDENTIALS button and select the OAuth client ID option
  4. From the Application type field choose Desktop app and enter a descriptive Name e.g. “HelpMaster Personal”
  5. Click the Create button and leave this screen open for copying to HelpMaster in the next step create client id secret

Step 2 - Add the OAuth 2.0 Client ID and Secret to HelpMaster

  1. Open the HelpMaster Desktop and navigate to Administration > System Administration > System Integration
  2. Go to the Google API tab
  3. Under Personal accounts - OAuth 2.0 Client IDs settings paste both Your Client ID and Your Client Secret to the matching HelpMaster fields
  4. Click the Apply button to save the Google service account access details in HelpMaster hm client id secret

Step 3 - Create your HelpMaster personal email account

  1. From HelpMaster go to the HM menu and select My Preferences, go to the Email tab
  2. Click the Add Email Account button and select the Google (personal account) option. Click Next >
  3. Click the Logon button and sign in with your Gmail account credentials. Click the Allow button. This will return your Gmail account details to HelpMaster
  4. Click the Test Email Account button to test sending email from HelpMaster, click Next >
  5. Give your new account a descriptive friendly name e.g. “Gmail personal”. Click OK to finish gmail authorisation

Removing HelpMaster personal Gmail account access

  1. Browse to your Gmail account from any compatible browser and click on your account avatar (image or initials) and click Manage your Google Account
  2. From the navigation bar click on Security
  3. Scroll down to the Third-party apps with account access pane and click on Manage third-party access
  4. Select the HelpMaster app and click the REMOVE ACCESS button. remove gmail authorisation

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