Grouping, Classifying and Controlling Access

Grouping, Classifying and Controlling Access

Grouping and classifying entities (Clients, Sites, Assets etc) can help you control and manage things like filtering, sorting, reporting and granting access to various parts of HelpMaster such as web Request Catalogs.

Linking to Sites

A very strong and common way of grouping clients is by linking them to Sites. HelpMaster allows you to link a single client to multiple sites.

General Grouping

Each entity screen has a “Group” drop-down box. The values in this field is administered in the System Codes screen. Create values for this field to represent any type of grouping that you like. Each entity can be associated with a single group/value in this field.

Feature Groups

Feature groups are similar in nature to the general group (above), and administered via the System Codes screen, however the design and intent of this field to use it to control visibility and access to other HelpMaster features, such as the web Request Catalogs.

Feature groups for web portal access to request catalogs

Other ideas for grouping

Use the Links tab, and create “Keywords” to assiciate via a “tag”

Create custom data controls (Checkboxes, drop-down boxes etc) and use these values to groups and associate

Create control set controls. Similar the custom fields. Build forms and controls to store grouping information


Updating individual clients and sites

Individual clients and sites can be associated to a group, or feature group by opening their record and using the Group drop-down boxes on the front tab.

Bulk-updating of clients and sites

Multiple clients and sites can be updated at the same time via the Client or Site search screen.

  1. Use the search filtering options to display a list.
  2. Right-click the list and select “Change Group”
  3. Select either the Group, or Feature group option, and then select the appropriate group.

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