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Learn what’s changed in the latest version of HelpMaster

Each new version of HelpMaster includes new features, improvements on existing functionality, behind the scenes tech upgrades and more. Listed below are the release notes from each major version.

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HelpMaster vNext

What’s coming in the next release

HelpMaster v24 (Current release)

v24.0.0.0 was released in December 2023

HelpMaster v23

v23 was released in April 2023

HelpMaster v22

v22 was first released in November 2021

HelpMaster v21

First released - May 2021

HelpMaster v20

First released - February 2020

HelpMaster v19

First released - February 2019

HelpMaster v17

First released - April 2018

HelpMaster v16

Earlier versions

HelpMaster v15 and earlier