Skillgroup administration

Skillgroup management and administration

Create new, edit existing or delete

To create or edit, or delete a skillgroup, use the Administration menu, Skillgroups button. This is an administrator-only accessible option.

Use the search options to find a skillgroup, or use the New, Update, or Delete buttons as appropriate.

skill group

Skillgroup name

Each skillgroup requires a name - use a name that is descriptive of the function this group may have in your organization.

Assigning Staff members to a skillgroup(s)

Each staff member must belong to at least one skillgroup.

  1. Use the Add button to add staff members to the skillgroup. Staff can belong to more than one skillgroup.
  2. “Exclude from Auto Assignment” is used to exclude staff members from auto-assignment. See Auto Assignment for further details.
  3. Exclude from email notifications is used to exclude staff members from receiving email notifications when email is sent to the skillgroup, as in the case when a job is assigned to the “Unassigned” queue of a skillgroup, and an email notice is sent to all members of that skillgroup. See below for further details about this.
  4. Exclude from Change Advisory Board is used to exclude staff member from recieving email notifications when they are involved in a Request for Change and are linked to that RFC as a Change Advisory Board member. In this case, they will not receive any email notifications.

Setting a skillgroup group supervisor

Each skillgroup must have a “skillgroup supervisor”. The skillgroup supervisor will be one of the staff members belonging to that skillgroup. When there is only one staff member in a skillgroup, that staff member by default will be the skillgroup supervisor.

  1. Right-click the staff member and select “Set staff member as skillgroup supervisor”, or click the “Set as Skillgroup Supervisor” button
  2. The icon for the staff member will change to indicate that they are the skillgroup supervisor

Setting the default skillgroup for a staff member

When a staff member belongs to more than one skillgroup, a “Default Skillgroup” can be set for them. This is performed via the Client Details screen > Staff tab. To display this screen, double-click on a staff member from the Skillgroup screen.

Skillgroup Settings

Use the Settings tab to adjust email settings for the skillgroup.

These email options for a skillgroup are used when a job is assigned to the “Unassigned” queue of a skillgroup, and an email is sent to either the “Current Assignee”, or “Previous Assignee”. These options are possible via the email section on the Action screen.

Skillgroup visibility

When working with jobs, each skillgroup is divided into three sections.These are:

  • My jobs
  • Other peoples jobs
  • Unassigned jobs

Each of these divisions within a skillgroups can be easily viewed via the Explorer screen.

My Jobs

Refers to the job queue of the person who is logged onto HelpMaster.

Other people’s jobs

Refers to the job queue(s) of other people that belong to the same skillgroup as the currently logged on user.

Unassigned Jobs

Refers to the job queue for all of the unassigned jobs that belong to a skillgroup.

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