Active Directory Module Overview

The HelpMaster Active Directory (AD) module allows you to synchronize your users data from Active Directory with your HelpMaster client database. The HelpMaster AD module uses a powerful and flexible mapping system between your AD fields and your HelpMaster database fields.

The Active Directory module can perform the following:

  • Create new HelpMaster clients when a new AD account/user is created
  • Update existing HelpMaster clients when their corresponding AD account is updated
  • Delete the HelpMaster client when their corresponding AD account is deleted
  • Automatically log users and clients of HelpMaster into the Desktop and Web Portal once they have been associated and synchronized with an AD account.

Feature Architecture

There are two parts to the AD module in HelpMaster.

Active Directory administration

AD Administration is done from the HelpMaster Desktop application under the Automation ribbon toolbar. Here you can create, edit and delete Active Directory Profiles which are used to synchronize your data, configure the service database connection, view the service running status, configure and view the service logs, perform manual synchronisations and, deal with duplicate users.

The Active Directory service

The second part is a Windows service - this is the working component of the AD solution that runs behind the scenes and performs the actual synchronisation. This is configured initially and will run quietly in the background. You can track what the service is doing using the log screen.

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