Adding New Actions to Jobs

Adding Actions for Staff, is very similar to the HelpMaster Desktop application

To change any Job details such as Job Status or Assignment, you will need to add a new Action. This may be achieved by using one of the available action hyperlinks as highlighted below.

Adding Actions

Adding a New Action Using Workflow

If a Job contains Workflow it may be restricted from adding actions via the action hyperlinks from the Job Template. In this example only the Close Job action hyperlink is available. There may be no action hyperlinks available if the administrator wants to lock Staff into using only organisation approved Workflow. In this case only the Workflow options are available. This may add silent actions to the job as well as perform many other operations not immediately visible to the Staff user.

Adding Actions

The Add Action Screen

After using one of the methods above to bring up the Add Action screen, the below options are available similar to the Desktop action screen:

Staff Add Action Screen

Action Template (optional) - If not locked by the action template, an available action template may be selected to change the template prefilled information.

Action Summary - If not locked by the action template, the summary may be selected from the list of available options.

Job Status - If not locked by the action template, the status may be selected from the list of available options.

Assigned To - If not locked by the action template, the assignee may be selected from the list of available options. Select the skillgroup or assignee from the first list followed by (unassigned) (for an unassigned skillgroup), or the final assignee. If the assignee is directly selected and they belong to the same skillgroup as the current assignee, this current skillgroup will be favoured in the second drop-down, but another may be selected as appropriate. Automatic assignment algorithms may also be selected by clicking on the robot icon and selecting one of the available methods.

Details - If not locked by the action template, details of the action may be typed in.

Time taken - If not locked by the action template, the time taken to complete the action may be manually selected for billing purposes or time tracking. The Desktop auto timer feature doesn’t doesn’t function from the web portal.

Attach a file - If not restricted in web settings, files may be selected for attachment, or images pasted into the box indicated.

Email Details - If not locked by the action template, for v23+ email templates may be selected or deselected as required for different recipients. For older versions recipients may only be selected or deselected as required.

Email Details

  • Previous assignee : Refers to the person who has just lost this job. Only applies when the action is a re-assign action.
  • New / Current assignee : Refers to the person that the job is, or is about to be, assigned to. When the job is being assigned directly to a skillgroup and not to a specific person within a skillgroup, the email will be sent to the Skillgroup supervisor.
  • Primary client : The primary clients linked to the job
  • All clients : All clients linked to a job. See the Job > Links tab for a list of all clients linked to a job
  • Use the CC and BCC options to send the email to other clients that are linked to the job.
  • Preview : v23+ (2nd feature update only) also allows you to preview any emails before they are sent. These are currently read only previews that cannot be edited, although most email templates will contain the «Action_Detail» email tag which is editable from the details field above

Private Internal Note - The action may be marked as a private note to hide it from the client of the job.

Awaiting Client Response - Selecting this option will put the job into the awaiting client response state visible from Explorer and the Home screens.

Close - Clicking this button will cancel the action. Any entered details and selections will be lost.

OK - Click to save the action to the job with all selected options and detail.

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