Variable - Set value from user input

Variable - Set value from user input

workflow set variable from user input


workflow set variable from user input

Display title: This text will appear on the workflow canvas

Description: Optional. This is meta-data only. Provide a description of this workflow step. This text will appear in the workflow panel when this workflow is the current workflow item.

Message This text will be displayed to the user as a prompt to enter a value

Set users entered value into this variable Select from the drop-down box an existing variable, or click the + button to create a variable. The Multiline checkbox will mark the variable as a multi-line string (text) varibles, and also increase the physical size of the data-entry text box. A multiline variable is good for storing larger amounts of text.

Validation - Is Required? Optional. Check this box to force the user to enter a value.

Default value If the variable does not already contain a value, the value here will be used as the default and presented to the user to accept, or overwrite.

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