Pattern 1 - Log a new job / ticket

Pattern 1 - Log a new job / ticket

Style: Basic log job

Filter style: Subject keyword scanning

Template use: A job template linked to an action template that will log and assign the job to the “Helpdesk” skillgroup.

Visual Pattern:


Often if a client needs to have a password reset for something, they will email the helpdesk with such a request (if possible). In this case, you can configure an Email Manager profile to scan the subject of the email to look for words that reflect this. Once an email passes this filter, you link it to a job template that will log the job. In this example, the job template will log the job and use the associated action template to assign it to the "Helpdesk" skillgroup.

Notice how the Action Template does not assign it specifically to a staff member with the Helpdesk skillgroup - it's just assigned there until someone in the skillgroup picks it up and works on the job.

Note also the use of the "Template Modifier" for the Job Contact type. This will over-ride the "Telephone" setting in the job template to "Email". The Job Template used is a common one that is usually used by helpdesk staff manually logging jobs via the telephone, however in this instance, because the Email Manager is converting email into helpdesk tickets, it's appropriate to use a template modifier here to ensure the correct classification code it used.

Extending the pattern:

This simple pattern can be extended via the use of better filtering, regular expressions, message body scanning and other template modifiers.

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