Logon to the web portal

Logging on can be achieved a number of ways

Logging onto the web portal can be done via one of the following methods:

  • A username/password combination
  • Active Directory / Single sign-on / Windows Authentication
  • Third-party login provider via oAuth

Web Logon Page

Username / Password logon

HelpMaster ClientID / Password

Helpmaster has its own security model built-in. Staff and Clients can login to the Web Portal using their HelpMaster credentials as follows:

  1. Open a compatible web browser e.g. Edge, Chrome, Firefox (Internet Explorer is NOT compatible)
  2. In the address text box, enter the URL as per the IIS bindings for your HelpMaster web portal
  3. Click the Log in hyperlink at the top right. Enter your HelpMaster ClientID and password to log in and start using the Web Portal

Forgotten HelpMaster Password

  1. Click the Forgot password link
  2. Enter your email address and click Email Link button
  3. An email will be sent to your address with a link to reset your password

Active Directory / Single sign-on / Windows Authentication

If you have configured the Web Portal to use Windows Authentication, you can bypass the default login page by doing the following;

  1. Log on to Windows using your usual Windows network logon.(Important! This Windows account should already be associated with your corresponding HelpMaster user. See Active Directory Module Overview)
  2. Open a compatible web browser like Edge, Chrome, or Firefox
  3. In the address text box, enter the base URL of the web portal followed by /winlogin. The URL may also include a page that is behind the logon screen for your web portal and browse to it using the additional suffix ?ReturnUrl=xxxxxx. If Active Directory / Windows Authentication has been configured correctly, you should be taken to that page and automatically logged on with the user that is currently logged onto Windows. eg.

If your web base URL is https://servicedesk.wizbangwidgets.com, then browsing to that page will take you to the unauthenticated Home page, however browse to any other page behind the logon screen using the /winlogin?ReturnUrl=xxxxxx (examples below) will attempt a Windows logon and take you to that page if successful.

URL Function Auto login?
https://servicedesk.wizbangwidgets.com Base Home page No
https://servicedesk.wizbangwidgets.com/winlogin?ReturnUrl=Home Home page Yes
https://servicedesk.wizbangwidgets.com/Home Home page No
https://servicedesk.wizbangwidgets.com/winlogin?ReturnUrl=Explorer Job Explorer page Yes
https://servicedesk.wizbangwidgets.com/Explorer Job Explorer page No
https://servicedesk.wizbangwidgets.com/winlogin?ReturnUrl=Catalogs Request catalog page Yes
https://servicedesk.wizbangwidgets.com/Catalogs Request catalog page No

Using Third-Party login providers via OAuth2

The web portal also allows for logging in via third-party provider accounts such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc… See Using Third-Party login providers via OAuth2

Third-party Logon Providers

Log off

To log off, simply click the Log out hyperlink located at the top-right of the browser window.

It is highly recommended that you end the session by using the Log out hyperlink, otherwise if using a concurrent web license, it will not be freed, and your session will remain active. Clearing cookies before closing your browser will end the session but the HelpMaster database will still show you as being logged in and the license will not be available until you are properly logged out.

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