Flagging a job

Flagging a job

Every job can be “flagged” to assist in the management of a job queue. Flagging a job is simply a way of marking it with a “flag” icon that will appear in the both the Explorer and in the job screen. The flag is simply an indication that it is flagged and serves as a useful visual reminder for a particular job.

flag job


To flag a job from the Explorer screen

  1. Right-click on the job you wish to flag to display the job popup menu
  2. Select “Flag Job” from the menu

To flag a job from the Job screen

  1. Open a job
  2. Click on the icon of the flag in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  3. Click again to remove the flag.

Consider flagging a job when it is automatically updated via the Email Manager. This will help provide a visual difference to detect when a client has responded to an email.


The flag status of a job can only be changed by the person that the job is currently assigned to, or that appears in an Unassigned queue of a skillgroup that the staff member belongs to.

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