Managing the profiles

Managing the profiles

The Email Manager allows you to create an unlimited number of email profiles that will scan your inbox for email that fits a particular search criteria.  An important thing to remember when creating profiles is that they are executed in the same order as they appear in the “Profiles” list of the Email Manager.

Use the “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons to order the profiles in the order in which they should be executed.

Use the “Enable” and “Disable” buttons to enable or disable each profile.

Remember to click the “Apply Order” button to save the changes.

Mailbox Flow

Use the Mailbox Flow tab on the main screen of the Email Manager profile screen to display a visual representation of your conifguration.

Each email account/folder is displayed along the top, going from left to right.  The Email Manager profiles that operate on these email accounts/folders are displayed underneath, in the order that they will be run.

Profiles will be colour-coded according to the following:

Profile will process all emails

These profiles will log all email in the scan folder.  The filters in these profiles have been configured in such a way that they will “catch” all email and process them.  If this is unintentional, you will want to update the profile and re-configure, or add some filtering logic.  If any profiles appear after this profile, they will not do anything, because there will be no email left to process.

Profile has one or more paths with only “excludes” filters

Even though these profile may have filtering logic, they still have the potential to process ALL email in its scan folder(s).   This is because one or more paths in the profile does not contain an ‘includes’ filter, but only an “excludes” filter.  This means that this profile will process ALL emails that are not explicitly filtered out by the ‘Excludes’ filter. Unless this is the last profile processing the scan folder(s), or you have deliberately used the ‘Excludes’ filter to only allow certain emails to by skipped by this profile, you may want to consider using an ‘Includes’ filter to limit the scope of this profile.

Profile will be ineffective because it runs after a “process all emails” profile

These profiles will not do anyting, because the profile that runs immediately before them is a “catch-all” style profile, that will process all email.  If you have a profile marked like this, you may wish to do one of the following:

  1. Change the behaviour of the “catch-all” profile that appears above it, so that it does not “catch-all” if appropriate
  2. Re-order the profile so that it appears further up the processing order.  This will give it a chance to process email before the “catch-all” profile processes all email for this scan folder
  3. Delete the profile if appropriate.

Profile Properties Tab

Use the Email Manager properties tab to store notes about the profile. A best practice is to document the profile and provide the reason why it exists and what business case/scenario it was created for. This will assist personnel in the future to understand more about the automation.