Web Portal - Staff Login

Using the HelpMaster Web Portal as Staff (Service Agent)

Staff - Home page

The default landing page for Staff is the Home page

Explorer View - Staff

Staff have an Explorer style view of their job queues

Logging New Jobs

New jobs are logged by navigating the Request Catalog

Viewing and Editing Jobs - Staff

Staff can view and edit jobs much like in the HelpMaster Desktop application

Working with attachments - Staff

Working with attachments from the web portal for Staff

Viewing and Editing Actions

Viewing and limited Editing of existing Actions may be available for Staff

Job Links Tab

Most job links are visible to staff via the web portal

Adding New Actions to Jobs

Adding Actions for Staff, is very similar to the HelpMaster Desktop application

Client Management

Staff logins are able to view, edit, and create new Client users from the web portal

Site Management

Site searching, creating and updating Site details

Creating and Editing Knowledge Base Articles

Staff with access can create and edit Knowledge Base Articles from the Web Portal

Asset Management

Staff logins are able to view, edit, and create new Assets from the web portal

Staff - Workflow

Staff can action Workflow from the Web Portal

Administration menu

Allows clearing of cache and viewing of error logs

History lists

Staff can quickly open recently accessed items from the web portal