Send Email via Workflow

Send Email via Workflow

The Email workflow object allows you to send an email that is based off of an Email Template, or text entered directly into the workflow object. Using the direct text method allow you to use any workflow variables as tags within the subject or body of the email.

workflow send email 

Silent workflow object This workflow object runs silently, meaning it has no user interaction.  Silent workflow object are displayed with this icon.


Select the Email workflow item from the workflow toolbox and add it to the workflow designer. 

email workflow object

Display Title:  This is the title that appears on the workflow canvas.  It is used to identify this workflow object

Content Type:  Choose between an existing Email Template, or a in-line email

Email Template: Select a pre-made Email Template

Email Account: This is an option step.  Select an email account that will be used to send the email.  If an email template is used, the value selected for the email account will over-ride the setting in the email template.  If nothing is selected and the email template does not already have an email account specified, or the "Simple Text" option is selected, the email will be sent using the account of the current user executing the workflow step.

Addressing options

Current Assignee:  The staff member that the job is assigned to at the time the email workflow objects is executed

Primary Client of the job:  The primary client of the job at the time the email workflow objects is executed

Other:  Specify any valid email address

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