Closing a change request

Closing a change request


The final stage of a change request is to close it.  This may be done when all previous steps have been completed and the change is no longer active, however closing a change request may occur at any-time, and for any reason.


To close a change, click the “Close” button on the side-status bar.  This will take you to the close tab where you can enter the following information:

Close Date:  Defaults to the current date/time.  Can be over-written.

Closed By:  Defaults to the current person.  Can be over-written.

Change Result:  Select from the list the appropriate Change Results.  The list includes the following options:

  • Successful: Use for a successful change.
  • Failed: Use when the change failed.  An additional “Unsuccessful reason” box will enable.
  • Rolled-back: Use for when the change failed, but was rolled-back.  An additional “Unsuccessful reason” box will enable.
  • Cancelled: Use for when the change was cancelled for any reason.  An additional “Unsuccessful reason” box will enable.

Close Details:  A free-text area to enter additional closure notes.

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