Change passwords

Change passwords

Updating client passwords

HelpMaster allows you to reset the HelpMaster password for a client (note this is different from their Windows password - to reset a Windows password, refer to Resetting a Client’s Windows Password).  This password refers to the password that a client will need to log into the HelpMaster Web Portal manually.  HelpMaster also supports the ability to bulk-update client passwords. 

Remember also that clients can log-on to the HelpMaster Web Portal via Active Directory single-sign on, if configured.

When you reset a client password, HelpMaster gives you the option to email them with the details of the change.  The content of the email can be customized to suit preference.

To set or reset client passwords, perform the steps below:

  1. Log into the Desktop edition of HelpMaster,
  2. Open the client search screen by using the Entities > Clients menu,
  3. On the Client search screen perform a search to locate the client(s) that require a password reset,
  4. Select the clients requiring a password reset and then click the right mouse button to invoke the context menu,
  5. Select the Reset Passwords… from the context menu.  This invokes the Update/Reset Client Passwords screen
  6. Choose the required options on the Update/Reset Client Passwords screen and press the Update selected client passwords button.

If a random password is selected, HelpMaster will generate a random password (either numeric or string based), unique to each client.  These randomly generated passwords will be created according to the length requirement as specified in the Web Portal settings page.  See Web Portal password length requirements for details about this setting.

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