Pattern 2 - Log a new job with dynamic classification

Pattern 2 - Log a new job with dynamic classification

Style: Basic log job logging with conditional job assignment

Filter style: Subject keyword scanning

Template use: A generic “sales” based job template that has been designed to be used in conjunction with Action Modifiers for dynamic job assignment

Visual Pattern:


Businesses offering a product or service are usually contacted about these offerings via email. People will often put the name of the product or service in either the Subject or the Message of the email.

This profile scans these sections of the email twice:

  1. The first scan is to determine if the email is a sales-related email
  2. The second pass is to determine which product the email is referring to

Once the nature of the email has been established and the product in question has been determined, Action Template modifiers for job assignment are used to route the job to the most appropriate staff member.

The job is logged with a generic job template.

Extending the pattern:

This simple pattern can be extended via the use of better filtering, regular expressions, futher template modifiers (see pattern 1), and more filters for the different products (or services) that are provided.

Although this example is using a sales-oriented design, the same principles applies for helpdesk, service management, complaints management, service catalog etc. Just change the filtering, assignments, and job template to suite

As an alternative to using Template modifiers to change the template, consider also using multiple templates per profile. Create specific template combos for specific email types. Then use the filtering to determine which template to use.

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