Working Folders

Working Folders

The HelpMaster working folders are a set of network folders that are used to store files and other resources that HelpMaster requires during operation. The folders that HelpMaster requires are as follows:

Folder name Purpose
Reports Used to store the Crystal Report .rpt files that are used for reporting.
Custom Reports Used to store any custom Crystal Report .rpt files that you create
Attachments Used to store file-based attachments that can be attached to HelpMaster entities
HTML Images Used to store graphics and other objects that are embedded within HTML style Knowledge Base articles or Email templates.
Themes Used to store theme files for use with HelpMaster. Theme files allow users to change the colour and visual display of the HelpMaster desktop edition.
Email Used to store copies of the original emails processed by the HelpMaster Email Manager.

Default Installation

After you have installed HelpMaster, when you create a database these folders are automatically deployed to C:\ProgramData\PRD Software\HelpMaster\Working folders. It is recommended that these folders be moved to, or are re-created on a network share for multi-user access. Each Windows user will require Modify ACL permissions to each of these folders.

Re-locating the Working Folders

If ever the working folders are re-located, it is necessary to update the paths in HelpMaster from the System Administration screen. This will trigger an update of all file links stored in the HelpMaster database, which may take some time.

Installation Task

Create the folders outlined above in the table. Ensure that these folders are accessible to all users of HelpMaster, as well as all accounts that are used for HelpMaster services such as Priority Manager and Email Manager.

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