HelpMaster vNext

What’s coming in the next release

What’s coming for the next major release (vNext)?

The HelpMaster product suite

  • Upgraded Microsoft .NET 8.0 web framework for improved performance, features, security and the latest innovations of Microsoft
  • Upgraded components “under the hood”

Web Portal

  • More features brought over from the Desktop edition into the Web Portal
  • Improvements for the web portal knowledge base
  • Improvements for workflow
  • Styling and CSS improvements
  • Preview panel for the Explorer screens, include splitter bars

Web Portal Explorer preview panel

  • Moveable modal popup screens
  • Improved AD authentication
  • Improved Approvals styling on the web portal
  • Improved single-sign-on for desktop and web portal

Job Finder

The web portal now has the Job Finder similar to the Desktop edition. This includes the ability to create saved searches.

Web Portal Job Finder

Saved searches will now appear in the Explorer similar to the desktop edition.

Web Portal Saved Search Administration

Saved searches for Skillgroups

This feature appears on botht the Desktop and Web versions of HelpMaster.

System administrators can now create “Saved searches” for Skillgroups. These custom-made searches can then be “pushed” at each skillgroup so that Staff can now see more than just Open, or Closed jobs. This makes the Explorer screen much more usable, and gives staff fast and easy access to a defined “short-list” of relevant

Skillgroup saved searches

Improvements to home page

General improvements to web design, CSS, charts and other “under the hood” enhancements.

Job State chart

Azure Entra synchronization for clients

The Active Directory synchronization feature will now also support synchronization for Microsoft Entra (formerly Azure Active Directory). This will allow organziation to import users that are in Entra, and use those credentials to provide single-sign on capabilities to HelpMaster.

More to come

This is just a short list of things that are planned for the next version, or things already implemented - there will be lots more

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