Using HelpMaster

Learn about the features and modules in HelpMaster

Desktop User Interface

Navigating your way around the HelpMaster Desktop

Clients and Staff

Clients and Staff are both people. Clients refers to the people you provide service to and Staff (a type of Client with elevated permissions in HelpMaster) are the people who provide the service.


Sites are either physical or logical workplaces


Assets are tangible things you need to track and manage - hardware, equipment, vehicles etc

Jobs and Actions

Jobs and actions are the core business objects in HelpMaster

The Explorer Screen

HelpMaster has an Explorer type screen to view various job queues


Configure alerts for notification


File based attachements can be stored against any entity

Email and Messaging

Send email, or broadcast a message to staff and clients


Setting reminders on a personal or job level


Different options for finding the information you need



Billing and Invoicing

Track items or time you need to bill clients for

User Preferences

Customise your user experience in HelpMaster

Surveys and Feedback

Build surveys and gather feedback from staff, clients and partners