Actions are not being added existing HelpMaster jobs

Actions are not being added existing HelpMaster jobs


A profile has been created to add an action to an existing job. The Email in the inbox should trigger this action, however no action is added to the job

Things to check

The Service

  1. Is the service actually running? Check Running and Stopping the Email Manager Service.
  2. Is the service scanning the correct inbox in the correct email profile? Check the Service Properties tab
  3. Is the service connected to the correct database? Sometimes if you've been working on a demonstration or testing database, you can forget to set the database connection to your live database. Check the database connection string in the Service Properties tab

The Profiles

  1. Has an appropriate profile been created to target the email? In other words, has a profile been created that is looking for the words contained in this email? Are there any exclusions within the search criteria that are preventing an email from being logged? See Defining Search Criteria
  2. Make sure all of your outgoing templates have the identical identifier for the job number. eg. Job #. See Creating a profile to add an action to an EXISTING HelpMaster job

The Email

  1. Is the email marked as unread? The service will only scan messages that are marked as unread. For Microsoft Outlook users, this means the message will be bold.
  2. Is the email a blacklisted email? If so, this email will not be processed.