The status bar

The status bar

The Status bar at the bottom of the screen can be set to display the following items:

  • The logged in user’s name,
  • The name of the Database currently logged into,
  • The Availability status of the user logged on,
  • The number of open jobs allocated combined with a job count icon,
  • The current date, and
  • The current time,

To customize the Status Bar

To access the Status bar settings right-click on it and select what you would like displayed. The Show Captions option will display a label for each item selected.

The Job Count icon

The Job Count option also displays a “traffic light” style indicator that will alert you if a change in the job count has taken place.  The following icons are used to display this difference.

Your job count (jobs assigned to you) has increased since the last polling time

Your job count (jobs assigned to you) has decreased since the last polling time

Clicking on the icon will clear either colour.

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