Closing a job

Closing a job removes it from an active job queue

A job can be closed by setting its job status to “Closed”. This is achieved by updating the job via an “Action”, and selecting the “Closed” job status from the “Status” drop-down box.

Close job

Remember that the Action screen can perform multiple tasks in the same update. For example, it can close the job, re-assign the job to a “resolved” job queue (if need be), send email to a range of different addresses, update control set information and more.

A job may be closed from the Job details screen by clicking on the red button from the action toolbar.

Once a job is closed, it can no longer be updated. If you need to update details about the job, you will need to re-open the job. If this is the case, be mindful that re-opening a job will change date and time information, thus affecting reports and SLAs, as well as potentially triggering automations and other workflow that you may have configured via the Priority Manager.

The “Closed” job status

In order to close a job, you must use the specific job status of “Closed”. Although this may be renamed, HelpMaster only recognized this one job status as the status that will actually close the job. By default, the closed job status has a PKID of 2.

Where do jobs go once they have been closed?

Closed jobs will appear in the “Closed” section of the Explorer, for the staff member that was assigned the job when it was closed.

Closing “Unassigned Jobs”

In the event that a job is closed while it is still assigned to the “unassigned” queue of a skillgroup, the following behaviour will occur.

  1. If the staff member closing the job does belong to the skillgroup that the job is assigned to, then the job will appear in the “Closed Jobs” section of that skillgroup
  2. If the staff member clsoing the job does not belong to the skillgroup that the job is assigned to, then the job will appear in the “Closed Jobs” section of the staff members default skillgroup


  1. Open the job. Double click on the job in the JobExplorer or use the Job Finder
  2. Click on the Close Job button. This will open the action screen and automatically select the “Closed” job status in the status drop-down box
  3. Select the Closed from the job status drop down list box
  4. Click on OK

The job is closed and the job screen will now display a closed message.

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