Working folders

A common network location where files are stored

The HelpMaster working folders are a set of network folders that are used to store files and other resources that HelpMaster requires during operation.  The Working Folder locations tab of the System Administration form allows the system administrator to set the location of the directories where the different HelpMaster network resources are located. 

These folders need to be accessed by users of the Desktop client, the HelpMaster Services and the web portal. Users of HelpMaster that wish to attach files, as well as read files require read and write permissions to these folders. This is governed via Windows NTFS permissions.

The following folders are required:

Reports path

This is the network location where all of the HelpMaster Crystal Reports files are stores.  These are .rpt files.  This location should be accessible to all users of the HelpMaster Desktop edition.

Custom reports path

This is the network location where you store any custom Crystal Reports files (.rpt) that you have created to work with HelpMaster.  This location should be accessible to all users of the HelpMaster Desktop edition.


HelpMaster supports adding file attachments to all major entities.  In order to provide multi-user access to these attachments, HelpMaster will copy all attachments into the folder path specified here.  For further information about attachments, see the Attachments Overview section.

HTML Images

Whenever a graphic or any other file is embedded within a HTML-style Email template or Knowledge Base article, HelpMaster will store the file in this location.


Themes files allow HelpMaster to be “skinned” with different colours.  Use this location on your network to store common HelpMaster theme files.  Themes are selected personally, so each HelpMaster user will need to select their personal preference from the User Preference Screen.  The network themes folder is provided only to store common themes that everyone can use and have access to.  See also Theme Builder

Email Manager email folder

For use with the Email Manager.  Each Email Manager Profile has an option to attach a copy of the email that was processed to the Attachment section for a job.  When this option is used, this is the network folder that will be used to store the email file.  When an email is attached to a job, the Email Manager will convert it to a .msg file and store it in this location.  See Email Manager for further information about this.


The working folders of HelpMaster should always be a networked location that is accessible for every user using HelpMaster.

It is highly recommended that when setting the folder paths that UNC paths (\\servername\sharename\.…). are used, rather than mapped network drives.  To specify a UNC path, browse through the “Network Neighborhood” option to find your network resource. Mapped drives can also be used, however every user will need to have the drive mapping configured before they can access a mapped path.  Do not use mapped drives if using the Web Portal

Re-locating the Working Folders

If ever the working folder are re-located, it is necessary to update the path that HelpMaster stores within the administration screen.

Network Security

It is vital that every user of HelpMaster has sufficient network permission to access the content within each of the folders specified in this screen.  Each user will require read and write access to these folder locations. Access to the files and folders will be governed by regular Windows NTFS permissions.

Using other HelpMaster products / modules

  The working folders are a core-part of the operation of all HelpMaster modules.  When configuring the Email Manager, the Priority Manager and the Web Portal, it is vital that these products (specifically the network account running these products) has read and write access to the working folders.

Backup and archive

All of the HelpMaster working folders should be backed-up each day/night as part of regular network backup procedures.  The files and information contained in these folders are referenced by HelpMaster entities and objects, so they are a vital part of HelpMaster’s data-structure and operation.  Archiving information from the Attachments folder (deleting/compressing/moving etc) will affects the links in HelpMaster and should not be performed without understanding the implications. 

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