Email Parser - Text based attachments

Email Parser - Text based attachments

The Email Manager can scan and parse the contents of text-based attachments. Once you select “Email Attachment” as the Source for the parser, the “Extract from 'Email Attachment'” tab becomes active.

Parsing text-based attachments requires you to specify the name of the attachment(s), and their text-based encoding that you wish to parse. Once this has been provided, the scanning and parsing is identical to the way the text of an email is parsed.

Filename filter

Use the filename filter to limit attachment parsing to attachments that meet a specific name filter. Use the following characters in your matching pattern to specify the name of the attachment(s) you wish to scan.

? Any single character

* Zero or more characters

# Any single digit (0-9)

[charlist] Any single character in charlist

[!charlist] Any single character not in charlist

File encoding

Text files are saved with an encoding. It is important to match the type of encoding so that the text can be scanned and parsed accurately. Select the type of text-encoding that you require. Use the “Load…” button to load a text file to test how the file is read. Select an encoding that is successfully able to read the file.

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