Client Management

Staff logins are able to view, edit, and create new Client users from the web portal

Searching and Viewing Clients

To search for existing Clients first click Clients from the navigation pane on the left. Then select the Client Type to set the range of the search. You can then use any one or a combination of the available search filter columns including ClientID (Assigned ID usually a number or name combo), First Name, Surname, Phone (Client Work phone number), Email (Client Work email address), or DOB (Client date of birth). Each filter will narrow the list of Clients as soon as text is entered into them. When you have found the Client you are looking for, select them from the list to view their details.

Client Searching

Editing Client Details

After finding and viewing the selected Client you can also edit any of the available Client Details, add / remove Links, add or view Attachments, and view their Job History by clicking the desired tab. Further usage of each tab is described below.

Client Editing

Client Details tab

This default tab displays all available Client fields which can be edited by privileged staff users.

The links tab will display the main entities that are linked to the asset including Sites, Assets and Knowledge base articles. A difference to the Desktop is that job links will appear on the Job History tab instead. Primary entities can be changed, other entities added, or removed from the links tab.

Client Links

Attachments tab

The Attachments tab will contain any relevant Client documentation and images. These can be added or removed via the web portal by privileged staff users.

Job History tab

This tab will list open and closed jobs that were logged by this Client. These jobs can be viewed and updated by clicking on them.

Saving Changes

Once you have made any changes to the person’s details, scroll down to the bottom and click the Save button.

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